Staff , Elders, & Deacons

The Staff

Charlie Ridenour

Senior Pastor

"I want CBC to allow grace to be seen in our structures, our vision, and our people - so that it might remind people of God’s grace as he is rescuing a broken world."

DLynn Miracle

Pastor of Women's Ministries

"My hope is that the women of CBC live into the reconciliation Christ purchased for us. In the words of Rich Mullins, 'If I stand, let me stand on the promise that You will pull me through and if I can’t let me fall on the grace that first brought me to You.'"

Andy Zapata

Worship Pastor

"As natural as a runner hitting his stride, a chef artfully crating flavors, or a painter skillfully blending color, authentic worship is the people of God fitting into the purpose of all creation:  bringing glory to His name with our lives."

Cara Martens

Pastor of Children's Ministries

"I want to see our Kid's Ministry make this mission of growing children’s faith and sending them out into the world to be a light, personal. I want us to lean into families to encourage them and help them find natural opportunities to deepen their child’s faith all week long."

Nick Robinson

Pastor of Students

"I love my job because I get to love and teach students and watch God do great things in and through the young people in our community."

Kim Kerr


"My goal for Crossroads is that we continue to teach about Jesus. That people come to know Him - it’s a life or death matter. And, we learn and become more like Jesus every day."

Stephanie Thrasher

Director of Communications

"My prayer for Crossroads is that people feel loved and known here.  I have built deep friendships with other families at this church and truly believe 'you can’t do life alone'."

Britt Ousley

Connections Director

"I love Crossroads because my faith was born here.  It's where I learned to worship God, to love the Bible, and to pursue God's mission to save the lost."

Andrea Herndon

Administrative Assistant

"I pray that CBC would always be a safe community for anyone to enter where they would receive grace and friendship from the body here no matter where they may be in their walk with God…whether they’re searching or have been following Him for a long time."

Tricia Macias

Children's Ministry Assistant

"In preschool ministry, our team's goals are to show the love of Jesus to the children in our care as we equip their parents to be the spiritual leaders in their home."

Doug Harbord

Facilities Manager

"My  goal for CBC is is that I can make a difference in the way we shine in our community and that it will bring believers new and established to CBC."

The Elders

Pete Peterson (Chairman)
Brian Thrasher (Vice-Chair)
Charlie Ridenour
Andrew Banks (Secretary)
Bruce Ousley
Dave Hudspith
John Zetzman

The Deacons